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So...if you have spent any amount of time talking to me, meeting with me, or listening to me ramble on and on, you'll know without a doubt that I am extremely passionate about what I do and the reasons I do it. You also probably know that I LOVE teaching other photographers. I've held several workshops this year and plan on doing a few more before the end of the year.

Recently, I have been taking on several one on one mentoring sessions with other professional photographers in pricing profitably; an area of business that I love to teach! Watching these photographers absorb this information, implement it and excel in its execution is very rewarding!!

What exactly is a one on one mentoring session and what do you teach me?

Well, it's completely different than my workshops. My workshops concentrate on specific areas of photography, such as posing and lighting. I only touch upon the business side of photography in my workshops. The mentoring sessions are ALL about the business side. I have different mentoring topics available, they can be taken individually or combined, it's completely customizeable to your specific needs. The amount of time you need can be adjusted depending upon what areas you want to focus on. I offer mentoring in Pricing Profitably, IPS (in person sales), editing, social media, marketing, website and portfolio critiques and more.

Tell me about this pricing profitably course!!

Ahhh, the age old question that we see everywhere we look, on every photography forum, every photography blog, every photography business educational page - "How do I price my products to make a profit?" We all want to provide the same thing, an unbelievably amazing client experience at an affordable price. What most of us have trouble understanding is that "affordable" means something different to everyone. What is affordable to us, is not affordable to someone else...or, on the contrary, what is "affordable" to us, may be pocket change to another person.

Therein lies the problem. You are not pricing your products for your BUSINESS to be affordable, but, for what YOU think is affordable for other people. You are pricing for YOU, as if YOU were your client. This is something that you need to step away from. We have to figure out what your business' bottom line is and go from there, and THEN decide what is affordable.

But how?

Before you try and figure out how to price 4 different print sizes and how much to charge for a digital file, we need to sit down and go over some things about your business that maybe you didn't give that much thought to in the first place.

Look at these questions and see how many you can answer with a resounding YES!

  • Are you tired of having the Sears/Walmart business model? (High Volume/Low Price)
  • Are you ready to understand WHY to price this way and never second guess yourself again?
  • Do you know that you are WORTH more than you are giving it away for?
  • Do you want the freedom of spending more quality time with your family?
  • Are you ready to actually get some sleep instead of working through the night?
  • Are you ready to make in one sale what used to take you 6?

If you are not pricing your time and products correctly, then you are leaving money on the table and throwing away valuable time that you can never get back!!

These courses will help you create a pricing structure that your business will profit from and will appeal to your target audience.

First up...

Set up for a 4 week course, there are multiple points that we will be discussing together, broken down over the 4 weeks. Each week, we will meet via Skype for 2 hours to go over each lesson, and you will be given assignments that will be reviewed at the following session.

 Pricing Profitably 4 Week Skype Course - $790

Week 1:  Building Your Foundation

  • Where do you see your business in terms of success?
  • What are the key components that make you different from your competition?
  • Competition - To ignore, or not to ignore.
  • Define your ideal client, find them, and reach them.
  • Client interaction and the most crucial points of contact with them

Week 2: Doing the work, and the math

  • Fill out your custom worksheet that will help you define YOUR own business needs
  • Should you offer certain products or not?  Will it help or hurt your bottom line?
  • How to consistently have profitable clients by figuring out your ideal sale amount.

Week 3: Putting it all together

  • What products will sell and how to build them into your menu
  • What layout is best for your brand (digital, magazine, single sheet, brochure etc..)
  • A la carte vs. collections - which is right for you
  • How to help confused clients and their most common questions.
  • Consumer psychology  & behavior and how it relates to your menu layout

Week 4:  Overcoming Obstacles

  • Your sales sessions and the hurdles you will face
  • Common client objections and the IPS process
  • What to say, how to say it and when to say it.
  • Q&A Overview of the entire course

If this is too much commitment for you, and you're more of a cliff notes learner who just wants to get in, do the work and get out...then my 3 hour Skype course is what you're looking for!!!

Pricing Profitably 3 Hr Skype Course - $395

Hours 1 & 2: Number Crunching and Product Overview

  • Define your ideal client, how to find and reach them
  • Custom worksheet and ideal sale.
  • Collections vs. A La Carte
  • To IPS or not to IPS, reading clients

Hour 3:  Review and Tweak

  • Your new pricing has been implemented and tested
  • What works...what doesn't
  • Revise and reimplement

                                                                                   BONUS FOR READING!!

Our frequency separation workflow action.  All of your layers have been created for you and are ready for you to start editing with.  Comes with 2 instruction actions to help you understand how to tweak each layer to get the best outcome possible!  Enjoy!


Don't just take my word for it though.....

I can say without any doubt that Angela's mentorship was a big eye opener for me and my business. Many photographers struggle with the concept of value of our own work and identifying the target market for our services, this is how I approached Angela, was looking for techniques to increase my sales and also increase my number of customers. Angela is a very clear communicator with experience in the market as well as formal training in business and marketing. It is very refreshing to be mentored by someone who has grown her business and runs a successful business model, who knows and applies marketing tactics with clear understanding or the expected results. Beyond the business side of things, Angela truly connected with the personal side of my business, I felt that my mentor truly understood the challenges and was able to get me excited about conquering them. Her mentorship on areas such as SEO, Marketing Strategy (pricing, promotion, product selection, etc) was nothing short from phenomenal; she is generous with business knowledge and her experience, doesn't keep anything to herself and for this I am truly grateful because I had the chance to work with a great photographer, successful businesswoman and overall fantastic (and funny) human being. - Rodrigo Mancilla,

I hired Angela for her pricing strategy consultation due to her very personalized approach and her "You sell YOU, style of teaching". In a market saturated with people selling pink champagne and roses, Angela shows you, how you can sell lemon vodka and daffodils. She understands that markets are different and each of her clients will need a different solution. She spent time listening to me about how I wanted to run my business, who my clients were, what my local market demanded. Then she explained what does work, & what does NOT work. She had me do a very thorough audit of my own clients & projects to see where I was falling short. Angela worked with me to come up with two pricing strategies that work in my market with my favorite style of clients. Less than two months after I implemented the new pricing, I was selling my highest boudoir package at $3200 as opposed to my previous highest at $900. 2014 VS 2015 is a huge difference. My average sale has nearly tripled and my client count cut in half, this give me more money and more time to spend with my art and my community. Angela is very easy to work with, and organised, she presents information in a way that makes sense to both the creative and the business parts of the brain. You can go out and do days of research online and come up with the same info, you can ask a dozen other photographers about their pricing, you can waste weeks biting your nails and worrying if you "new strategies" will pay off. If you're in business to make a comfortable living loving what you do, with days off, health insurance paid, ira funded.... Hire a professional consultant to help grow your business.- Mariah Carle,


Are you ready to catapult your business to the next level? Let me help you on your journey!! Email me today at and let's get started!