The passion that we have for Boudoir photography is easily seen not only in our work, but in the comments, smiles and tears of our clients.   There is no better experience for us than helping a woman see the true beauty she possesses.  There is only one thing that can equal the satisfaction that we feel when we see pure joy pour out of our client's faces...and that is romance.

Oh man, talk about a sucker for love...I cry at jewelry commercials.  Pathetic, I know. moves me.  I wholeheartedly blame Disney for my obsession with romance..yeah, I said it.  But I digress.

So...what are Intimates by WhirlieGirl?

Hundreds of women have come through our doors to be treated like a diva and have the ultimate boudoir experience Florida has to offer, and most of them all had one thing in common....they were photographing themselves for their partners. We realize that sometimes, it can be akward or sometimes downright silly to try and give sexy face to a camera when there's just me standing there with you. I'm totally smokin' hot though, so I don't get it.... ahem.

One thing we noticed when we photograph our couples...there is NO akwardness. There are no silly moments (that I don't intentionally provoke). There is no need to pretend that the person you are most passionate about in the world is in the room...because they really ARE standing there with you. We have seen some unbelievable moments, some amazing looks and true love (and let's not forget about lust!) on the faces of our couples when they are here capturing the passion they share for one another.

With boudoir becoming more and more mainstream every day, we have had many couples inquire about photo sessions that they can both be included in. We have been lucky enough to capture some of these couples and their pure, raw emotion for their partner and we have decided that it's time to bring it to you.

Just like its single counterpart, our Intimates experience is for any couple, any age, any size because there are no boundaries in love.

Let us turn your love of today into memories of tomorrow....Let us immortalize your passion.


No rules.... you can be as risque.....


or as romantic as you'd like...


Email us today to schedule your Intimates by WhirlieGirl consultation! We know you're going to fall in love all over again...this time, with your photos!