Sons of Anarchy in Cape Coral

So, any of you who are friends with me on Facebook or follow my fan page probably already knew that I got to meet two of the cast members from Sons of Anarchy 2 weeks ago when they were in town for the SoA Series Finale viewing at Six Bends Harley Davidson!  Well, this stop wasn't actually on their announced list, but it was known by a small group of people who all showed up at Nevermind Awesome Bar and Eatery in Cape Coral.  While we were there, we met the owner, Shannon, who has known the owner of Six Bends for many, many that's how he got the guys to come by for a meet and greet and some awesome eats! the way...I have NEVER had french fries as amazing as the ones I ate here.

For the life of me, I can't remember what kind of potatoes Shannon said they were made from, but, I was told they were made with truffle oil - and the ketchup, was a mix of items including steak sauce...and it was just fantastic.  Let's just say...I had some with my burger - then David and I ordered two more sides of them...they were THAT good.  Definitely try some of these if you go here!!  We LOVED this was such a cool place, totally our style.  Great atmosphere, everyone was super friendly.  Reminded me of the bars I used to go to in my twenties up in NY in the 90's!

Although we tried several times....there's only so many times you can attempt to get a clear cell phone night....after several drinks and a few vats of french fries....omg, I have to go back and get some of those soon....  The guys were supposed to show up at 6...then we heard 7....then, as celebrities will do...they finally showed up around 8pm and it was just utter awesomeness.  I managed to snap a few shots of them coming off their bus...with how much I was screaming and shaking...I'm surprised these came out as clear as they did!

While there, I made friends with another local photographer, Barry can visit his Facebook page to see some of his seriously amazing work!! It was so great getting to know him...and thanks for the drinks Barry!!!!  Barry has known Shannon for over 25 years and of course was asked to photograph the evening, so luckily, Barry had no problem sharing his images of the night with me!!!  So below, courtesy of Barry Milligan Photography, take a look at some of the night's moments!

Sons of Anarchy visit Cape Coral

Juice (Theo Rossi) was taking people's phones - mine included!!! - and posing for selfies with was probably the highlight of my night.  Well, that and the fact that he let me hug him like 7 times.  Yeah, I COMPLETELY lost my cool chick attitude...that went right out the window the minute I saw these guys.  I lost my entire "don't act like a psycho" filter.  I'm such a geek.Sons of Anarchy visit Cape CoralSons of Anarchy visit Cape CoralHanging out in the kitchen with the staff, including the owner Shannon!  Then everyone piled into their tour bus for some more awesome shots!

Sons of Anarchy visit Cape Coral

Look at my sexy man!  HeheheSons of Anarchy visit Cape Coral

I got them to sign my book for me!!!  On the left is Kim Coates (Tig) and Juice (Theo) and me for my selfie on the right!!!  This one is actually the shot from my phone...that's my blurry boyfriend David in the background hahaha. Sons of Anarchy visit Cape Coral

Theo, Kim, Shannon and his family.  Ohhhh to be that baby....  ha!

Sons of Anarchy visit Cape Coral

Seriously a pair of amazing guys!!!  They really were so patient taking photos with everyone, even though they were super hungry!!  Shannon told me all about their meal...

Sons of Anarchy visit Cape Coral

There's an awesome shot of my selfie with Theo Rossi (Juice) from Barry's angle....look at him holding my phone!!!!  David who??  Sons of Anarchy visit Cape Coral

Shannon told me that one of the guys was a vegetarian...I can only imagine by looking at what's in front of Theo, that it's him!  But he also did show me the suckling pig they had roasting out back for them, plus, their menu also consisted of elk, coby tenderloin, fresh grouper, pate negra, tabouli, hummus, kale and wild mushrooms.

I sure hope they ate some of those french fries....

There you have brief night with two awesome members of what was probably the best show ever on television.  Both David and myself will never forget this evening as long as we live.  Thank you for the ride guys...we're so sad that it's all over.  Best of luck to you in everything you do in the future!!