The Importance of Hiring a Professional Stylist

During the last several years, I have had the honor of working with hundreds of women.  Women who want to feel beautiful, who want a special memory, who want to do something they've never done and feel like a supermodel.  This makes me extremely happy...I love providing this for the women who come to see me.  This is also the main reason that I recommend to each and every woman is that they take advantage of the professional stylist that I have for them at my studio.

Here are some things to consider about professional styling versus doing it yourself:

WhirlieGirl Photography Before and After Image - The benefits of hiring a professional stylist for your photo session

1. A professional stylist and makeup artist will likely already have experience working with the media, whether it's a photographer, a news station or for a television spot.  They understand the application process is completely different than how you and I apply our makeup on a day to day basis and can easily create the look we are attempting to achieve.

2. When applying your own makeup, you tend to apply it as you normally would, some of us don't even really know how to contour properly.  So when we are photographed, we appear pale and washed out. That won't happen when a professional does your makeup.  A stylist will also know how to add extra contouring to make stronger lines seem softer, to add more definition to your face and to make fuller faces appear slimmer.  I wish I knew how to do that black magic....

3. Probably the biggest bonus of having your hair done professionally (well...besides how AWESOME it feels to have someone playing with your hair) is that they can see the back of your head....and reach it!!!  I know when I'm spending an hour and a half straightening my hair (yep....90 minutes folks), the part I hate the most is the top/middle back of my head...cause I just can't see it or reach it easily.  I'd much rather someone come to my home in the mornings and take care of it for me.

4. A stylist will have an ARSENAL of products that the average woman just won't have.  I never even heard of Wax Blast until my stylist used it on me...I promptly bought a bottle because it was just frikkin amazing, but still...they'll have far more to help you achieve your dream look than you could have ever...well....dreamed!

5. Who wouldn't want someone to glam them up for the day???  The whole point of having your photos taken in the first place is to do something you don't normally do.  To maybe become someone else for the day.  To be daring, to be bold, to let out your inner goddess and let her shine.  I know I wouldn't want to use my $5 eyeliner from Target in photos I'm going to want to cherish forever!!!

So you see...splurging a bit on having someone primp and pamper you while you sip on mimosas isn't such a bad thing after all.  Fall in love with yourself again <3

WhirlieGirl Photography XOXO