Tuesday Tips - What About Jerseys

There are lots of sports that many people are passionate about.  So passionate in fact, that many women choose to wear jerseys for their boudoir shoots!  This is perfectly ok...I'm all for team spirit!!  However, keep in mind that most jerseys are not made to be flattering to your figure. Instead of an official jersey or sports attire, here's a few ideas that can still show your support for your team by color, or player by number, and then you can always add official team accessories to polish off your look!

Remember to pick out items that are going to not only flatter your figure, but are the right colors for you.  True, your team's colors are very specific, but, most teams have several colors in their uniforms - choose the one that is the most flattering for your skin tone and hair color.

Don't be afraid to bring in props to show your support for your team!  Branded footballs, pom poms in the team colors, banners and more can really add to the whole experience.  You can even bring in some body paint in your teams colors and we can do something creative with it!!!

Only bringing in jerseys for your team isn't the end all of the session - we can still make it work and work well!!!  But this is your day to have fun and express yourself, so, don't hold back!!

Gorgeous On Gameday